Show Me Where The Party Is

Capponi’s venture has given that mushroomed into a prepare to redevelop the city and the surrounding coastline, involving a group of American and Haitian activists and entrepreneurs, all united in the quest to rebrand the country as a hip tourist location.

This is a dream come real. We want to be a Caribbean cultural location, says Yanick Martin, the director of the state’s regional tourism workplace, who owns an art gallery in downtown Jacmel.

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In these days of smart phones and smarter apps, if you’re looking for a great time, there’s an app for that. This isn’t just any run of the mill app however, that shows you where the local movie is playing or where you can get chicken wings for .25 cents a piece.

No, no, it’s much fancier and impressive than that. The app is called InList, and it is the app to “go to” if you want to find the hottest spots in town. Whether you are looking for dancing, concerts, lovely resorts or a little of it all, chances are you can find it on InList. This app is great becuase it takes the hospitality world and makes it come alive in a simple way to it’s clients. This saves folks lots of time, energy, and frustration.

Let’s face it, when you want to go have a great time, you don’t want to spend all day looking for where to go do it at. You also don’t want to spend any extra time on making the actual booking or reservations either. So now, thanks to the comprehensive app that Micheal Capponi (Michael Capponi (@michaelcapponi) | Twitter), an executive club promotor and software engineer, Gideon Kimbrell have created, no one has to. Now you can quickly and easily go to InList and see what’s happening, pick where you want to go, and make it happen.

It’s pretty much an all-inclusive virtual concierge. Searching is simple, and you can search by city if you like. However, only members of the service can get access to the booking services. Being a VIP, and using the app consistently does indeed have it perks,with the bookings as just one. Also, the VIP members get private invitations to house parties that the average person could only dream of.

For example, if someone really wants to go to the movie or music awards, that can be arranged, says Micheal Capponi. Capponi has been in the business since the year 1989, so if anyone their stuff, it’s definitely him. So, gone are the days of searching thru pages and pages of different entertainment websites and taking a good guess at what spot is the place to be on any particular evening. Nope, with Inlist, it’s as easy as making a couple of taps on your phone. Now, making the decision as which place to go, sorry no app for that, yet.